Panzer Dragoon SEGA AGES

Panzer Dragoon SEGA AGES

Take flight aboard a mystical dragon in a mysterious world

Ride on the back of a mystical dragon and enter the world of the "dramatic shooter." There is a variety of stages, including forests, lakes, deserts and caverns, which must be traversed as part of a grand adventure with the goal of stopping the evil empire. As you take flight, defeat the enemies that come at you in the sky.

Lock-on shooting anyone can enjoy!

Players use their dragons to take the sky while doing battle against enemies. Using the gun in your hands, take aim in any direction using the game's user-friendly aiming system. There's also a radar on the top right that shows incoming enemies, ensuring that players will always know what threats are approaching.

Arrange Mode

The PlayStation 2 version of the original Panzer Dragoon features an all-new Arrange Mode with altered gameplay designed by the director of the original version, as well as improved visuals. Of course, the original mode from the Sega Saturn version is also present for veteran players looking for some nostalgia.

Panzer Dragoon SEGA AGES

Genre Dramatic Shooting
Release Date 2007
Publisher Sega
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
MSRP ¥2,500 (¥2,625 with tax)
No. of Players 1
Official Homepage